Scots to thank & a word on antibiotic resistance

Today, Ireland face Scotland in round 4 of the #sixnations. Scotland have shaken up the tournament this year, having beaten France and England. Thank you for that, Scotland!

Now, when you think of Scotland you may think of IrnBru, kilts and bagpipes, but Scotland has produced some great minds and inventions over the years.

Don't believe me?

Sir James Young Simpson pioneered the use of anesthesia during labour. He began using chloroform, and is said to have tried it on his dinner guests at his home on Queen Street, Edinburgh! The drug was not immediately accepted by the public. However Queen Victoria insisted on it for her 6th pregnancy. After, she said "that blessed Chloroform...soothing, quieting and delightful beyond measure", and changed public opinion quickly!

Although Chloroform is not used during labour today, anesthesia is still widely chosen by women in the form of an epidural.

Thank you James Young Simpson for promoting pain relief during labour!