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Leftover Potato Cakes

St Patrick's Day falls this Saturday (17th March!), so this week I am bringing you some of my favourite traditional Irish recipes, with a Little O twist :)

First up is the humble spud- often identified as an Irish food, but loved the world over!

For me, potatoes are so versatile that I really couldn't live without them.

Does anyone else ALWAYS make too much mashed potato?! I think I just like peeling spuds so end up doing it until the pot is full to the brim!!

BUT, I have a solution for your excess mash- potato cakes :)

Don't let it go to waste- add a few ingredients and turn your leftovers into something delicious.


300-400g potato (mashed and cooled)

50g plain flour

2-3 tbsp. oil or melted butter

+ seasoning- I used salt, garlic powder and dried parsley.

See below for recommendations!


Mix up the potato to soften and get rid of any lumps.

Sieve in the flour and seasoning and mix in through.

Add enough oil for the mixture to come together into a dough.

Knead the dough on a floured surface until it is smooth. Then separate the dough into either 8 small or 4 large cakes (roll into a ball and then flatten with your palms).

Fry the cakes in a little oil or butter on a medium heat, until browned. Flip and cook on the other side.

Serve immediately!

Seasoning suggestions:


Spring onion

Grated cheese


Serving suggestions:

These make a great side dish for lots of meals or on their own.

Try them with baked beans, grated cheese, a fried egg, or anything else you fancy!


Remember if you are using leftover mash what seasoning you already added- you may not need more salt.

Once you form them into cakes, they can be kept in the fridge. Put some parchment paper in between each so they don't stick!

I really love these, so simple but tasty and filling (and cheap!!). Go make 'em now!

Lots of love,

Little O x

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