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Bring travel snacks & never get HANGRY!

Ok, so I never leave my flat without food!

I’m serious- every bag I own has a snack in it, I take my bottle of water everywhere and I usually bring my reusable coffee cup with me too.

I have always packed a lunch in the morning- at school, uni, for work. And I’m known for not always taking conventional lunch or snack items. I was the weird kid with salad for lunch or lychees for a snack- but I was always well fed and I loved those lunches!

So why not pack some food? There is no down side to being prepared for hunger!

  1. You won’t get HANGRY.

  2. It saves you money- to-go foods are pretty expensive, so buy or make what you like in bulk and stick it in your bag so you don’t have to shell out money unnecessarily.

  3. You have better options if you choose in advance- snack options are generally very sad. There are usually some under ripe bananas, crisps and nutrigrain bars, and most of the time that is not what I fancy. If you have snacks prepped you can bring a few and have options!

  4. Bringing a reusable bottle and coffee cup reduces single-use plastics and can get you a discount in most coffee shops these days.

  5. They save you time- particularly useful if you’re late for a flight/bus/train.

  6. Less food waste- I always save food from the bin by taking it with me if I can! (I brought a 50p pack of lemons back to Ireland at Christmas so they wouldn’t go to waste!).

Most people are surprised that I bring food to the airport- you can absolutely bring food through airport security. And it is a game changer, because airport food is the worst! Don’t forget to bring your reusables to the airport too- bring them empty and fill them up after security (lots of airports have water taps, or ask a café to fill it).

My favourite travel snacks:

  • Fruit- apples are my favourite fruit to bring, but bananas and mandarins are great too. Grapes, berries, diced mango, melon and pineapple works too but maybe bring a fork in case they get messy!

  • Veggies- Slice up cucumber, carrots, celery, peppers or bring cherry tomatoes. Or bring a combo and some leaves for a salad!

  • Nuts, seeds and dried fruit- I like to mix snack bags with these in them. My current favourite is cashew nuts with dried cranberries.

  • Energy balls- You can find the recipe for these here. When I make these for travelling, I leave out the banana, as this makes them go off quicker (use almond milk or more nut butter to bind).

  • Sandwiches- Yes you can take these these through security too!

  • Biscuits/cookies/chocolate- Things that are perfect with a cuppa on a long journey. (Penguin bars are great small ones to bring).

  • Popcorn

  • Granola bars/protein bars/whatever you like

  • Cuppa soups- Just get hot water in your flask/reusable coffee cup.

  • Instant coffee/hot choc/tea- We brought cappuccino powder on our last road trip and it was great for a pit stop caffeine fix on a long stretch of motorway!

Basically, whatever you want, you can make it work! Just remember nothing liquid through airport security.

I have attached a picture of the “snack pack” I prepared for a trip- some inspiration to get you started!

Lots of love,

Little O x

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