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5 Steps to Navigate "Wellness" on Social Media

How does social media make you feel?

The answer should be- connected, happy, fulfilled, informed.

But too many of us would say- anxious, worthless, self-conscious, guilty.

Why is that?

Well, social media can help us be and feel more connected, it should keep us informed and we should use it because it adds to our lives.

The problem is that, as humans, we love to compare ourselves to others and social media provides so many opportunities to do that!

We compare:

  • Number of followers and friends.

  • Likes on a selfie.

  • Shares on a post.

  • Places checked in.

  • Events attended.

The "wellness" aspect of social media adds to this even more, because we see what others are eating, drinking (or not drinking!), their exercise plan, their weight. And all too often, what we see makes us feel inadequate.

So, I've developed 5 steps to take that will make your time on social 100% better:

  1. Remember that what is on social media is carefully curated. Bloggers, influencers and brands post strategically- they're trying to sell or promote something and they need their content to reflect that. If a personal trainer posts workout selfies 7 days a week, don't feel crap because you haven't been to the gym. Put it in context- they work there, love to workout and may be posting old pictures!

  2. Be harsh. Report content and unfollow or block accounts promoting harmful messages or content that makes you feel crap. E.G. I reported Kim K's lollipop post because it promotes a harmful message that is dangerous for many people. The post has been taken down now because people called it out. If something strikes you as wrong/misleading/dangerous, chances are someone else will too! (P.S. They don't know who reports them).

  3. Diversify your feed/timeline. It's so easy to just follow one type of account, but having lots of accounts telling you similar messages can be unhelpful. If every account you follow is nutrition-based, your feed may make you feel like your diet is crap or you have to start eating kale! So follow your favourite ones and lose the ones you aren't in love with. Start following accounts with different focuses- baking, travel, cats, memes, quotes- there are so many to choose from!

  4. Log off regularly. This is the most difficult, but is so important. Spend time away from your phone or laptop and actually talk to someone or spend time with YOURSELF. Don't just text your friend, call over to their house and have a cuppa. Social media should add to our network, it shouldn't be the most important part.

  5. Don't add to the BS online. Don't post or share anything that may be offensive/harmful/wrong. It's self-explanatory, but people still do it. Read my blog "Don't share health articles online" here for more advice on credible content.

Time online doesn't have to stress you out- beware of BS and look after first and foremost.

Next week I'll be sharing some of my favourite people online and hopefully inspire you to diversify your feeds!

If the whole "wellness" thing has left you confused, I offer free 30 minute sessions for new clients to clear up some nutrition myths and set you on the right track. Use the contact page to get in touch.

Lots of love,

Little O x

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