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My Favourite Accounts & Blogs

Last week I shared 5 steps to help you navigate safely through "wellness" on social media, so this week it seemed fitting to share some of my favourite accounts and blogs online.

I used the steps explained last week to improve my relationship with social media and for me, diversifying my timeline/feeds was the most important!

Now I follow a huge variety of accounts, so I'm sure you will find at least one new account that you will love too.

Nutrition Professionals:

Of course, I follow lots of other nutritionists and dietitians! I'm sharing my current favourites from around the world.

Laura Thomas- anti-diet registered nutritionist @laurathomasphd on social. Be sure to check out her podcast Don't Salt My Game.

Pixie Turner- AKA Plant Based Pixie, also a registered associate nutritionist and author of The Wellness Rebel, @plantbased_pixie on social.

Fiona Sutherland- AKA the Mindful Dietitian. Her account is full of non-diet and mindful eating and living advice. Find her @themindfuldietitian.

Haley Goodrich- registered dietitian who promotes HAES and intuitive eating, and has great insights for nutrition professionals. She's @hgoodrichrd on social.

Kylie Mitchell- registered dietitian, new Mam and watercolour artist. I love her content! @immaeatthat on social!

Jennifer Rollin- registered dietitian specialising in eating disorder recovery. Find her @jennifer_rollin!

Charlotte Stirling-Reed- registered nutritionist. Charlotte specialises in infant and child nutrition and has been sharing her weaning journey with her little boy over the last few months (which I'm kinda obsessed with). She also started a business called Little Foodies, check them out for lots of useful resources @littlefoodieorg. Find Charlotte @sr_nutrition.

Body Positivity & Diversity:

My feed contains lots of bodies and yours should too! Following people who have different bodies to mine, gives me an insight into the experiences that come with different body types/sizes/colours etc.

Megan Jayne Crabbe- author of Body Positive Power and all around lovely human. @bodyposipanda.

Michelle Elman- Michelle has an amazing story that led her to body positivity, which we will hopefully hear more about in her book "Am I Ugly?" (releases in July). Michelle has two accounts- @scarrednotscared, all about BOPO, and @bodypositivememes, which edits memes to be more bodypositive. Highly recommend checking her out!

Bryony Gordon- You may have seen her running the London Marathon in her knickers earlier this year! Bryony is an author, columnist, founder of @mentalhealthmates and loads more. Her account is honest and real-life, @bryonygordon.

Plus- Follow @effyourbeautystandards to fill your timeline with all kinds of beautiful bodies!

Scientists & other healthcare professionals:

Scientists and healthcare professionals are increasingly present on social media- these are a few that post interesting content.

Dr Anita Mitra- AKA @gynaegeek. Dr Mitra is a gynaecologist sharing evidence-based messages about women's health. Must follow!

Gill Roddie- who runs @sciencesnapstories, posting fun and interesting everyday science!

Kimberley Wilson- chartered psychologist, with a special interest in nutrition psychology. Find her @foodandpsych (P.S. she was on Bake Off!).

Professor Brian Cox- Follow the physicist for lots of space related Tweets and pics @profBrianCox.

Dr Jen Gunter- My favourite person on Twitter! Dr Jen is an OB/GYN, who calls out BS medical advice. @DrJenGunter.

James Wong- James is a botanist and his posts focus on food crops. He engages heavily with followers and is always involved in great convos. @Botanygeek.


I spend hours every week looking at recipe videos and finding new recipes to try, so keeping this list short was very tough!

Donal Skehan- Probably my favourite TV chef, so I may be biased! Great, free recipes and meal ideas @donalskehan.

Nagi of @recipe_tin- Nagi's recipes are delicious and I love her dog snaps. If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll notice lots of her recipes in my "favourites" board!

Mob Kitchen- healthy, hearty recipes that feed 4 for under a tenner, what more could you want? @mobkitchenuk.

Nigella Lawson- I mean, do I need to explain? @nigellalawson.


Tally Rye- PT who believes in Health at Every Size and promoting health rather than weight. She has great vlogs. @tallyrye.

Alice Liveing (formerly Clean Eating Alice)- Alice is a ray of positive vibes, and her workout videos are fab. @aliceliveing.

Haley Shevener- body neutral movement and real talk @haleyshevener.

Positive Vibes/For fun:

These accounts may seem random, and they probably are, but these are the ones that make me smile and laugh the most. And hopefully will do the same for you!

Celeste Barber- You'll have seen Celeste's real-life recreations of model photos. I love them, find them @celestebarber.

Sarah Doyle- Sarah is a life coach, creator of L-School and The Empowered Women Workshop, and author of Be Your Own Best Friend. Her account makes me more confident and positive every day. @sarah_thebetterlifeproject.

The Happy Pear Twins (Steve & Dave Flynn)- they aren't for everyone, but I find their energy and positive outlook contagious! @thehappypear.

Chrissy Tiegen- straight-talking Mam (and wife to John Legend!). She's hilarious and that's all you need to know. @chrissytiegen.

And of course ME! Find me on Insta @little_onutrition, Facebook @littleonutrition and Twitter @littleonutri.

There are so many accounts out there, go explore and find accounts that inspire, educate and make you smile!

Who is your favourite account right now? Let me know so I can expand my feed too :)

Lots of love

Little O x

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