A Guide to Spotting QUACKS & their #nutribollocks

This blog is a bit of a follow on from my first #MondayMoan video, where I discuss some problems with taking advice from influencers and unqualified individuals, as well as what YOU can do to dampen their voices.

Watch the video below!

So, how do you know what is #nutribollocks?

Here's a quick guide to spotting it:

No qualifications on their social/website - if they aren't actively advertising that they are fully qualified or registered with a governing body, you should be worried. Look for university degrees, logos or letters after their name that indicate qualifications and affiliations. If you can't find any evidence of a degree/appropriate training, they are likely a quack. I mean ducks don't go to uni, right?!! More on what qualifications to look for here.

They make impossible claims- "lose X pounds in a week", "cure your illness with this treatment/supplement/drink etc", "do this and be happy forever"..... FYI: Nothing you can buy online will do any of these things.

They use marketing, rather than scientific terms - "Flush through the toxic load", "restore hormone balance", "kickstart your digestive system", "Bifidus Actiregularis", "detoxes your body". Make no mistake, these are MARKETING terms. All more or less meaningless terms in the world of science, but these words convince many of us that products/services the are beneficial, evidence-based and worth our money.

They are selling a product, usually shakes, supplements, diet plans - and their advice will include buying them! If they are selling something, everything they say and do is probably related to increasing their sales so talk everything with a pinch of salt. I followed an account recently that purported to be all about "empowering women in business", last week they started advertising a 7 week programme that costs almost £400, and promotes a range of products. Zero nutrition/health qualifications. Zero content about female empowerment. A minefield of #nutribollocks.

Basically, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

Still need help separating the fact from fiction? Get in touch and I can help! Feel free to send me #nutribollocks you see online and I'll debunk it.

And remember, you have a role to play in stamping out #nutribollocks: Don't engage with quacks and instead seek out qualified and registered individuals.

Lots of love,

Little O x

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