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Embrace the change #MondayMoan

This week I'm ranting about why we need to start embracing change in our bodies.

Our bodies change many times and in many ways throughout the lifespan, this is a normal and necessary part of life.

Think about it for a minute.

The body changes with us, not against us. As infants learn to crawl and walk they lose fat and gain muscle mass. As we hit puberty girls gain fat and hips widen, boys get taller and leaner. As we age we lose muscle and gain fat mass. These changes occur because of physiological changes.

There is so much pressure (particularly on women) to maintain body size (weight and shape). But the ideal that most women seek is the body of a teenager. Society expects women to never grey, never wrinkle, never gain a few pounds, never change.

To never change is to never live.

The changes that happen to our bodies are inevitable. Yet we are spending huge amounts of our time and money to stay the same. We are wasting our lives to pause our lives.


Society tells us we need to and should be in pursuit of eternal youth and skinny-ness. That these pursuits are good and right.

Well, I call BS. What a waste of life!

We should be learning to accept our bodies as they are at this point in our lives- not idolising an impossible body. Learn to accept your NOW body (you don't have to love it all the time) and enjoy life NOW. The changes will eventually happen anyway!!

Watch my #MondayMoan video on embracing the change here:

Let's all embrace the changes and live our lives NOW!!!

Lots of love,

Little O x

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