We're forgetting the big picture in nutrition #MondayMoan

Arguments about nutrition are EVERYWHERE.

Everyone has their own opinion on what food/diet/supplement is best, and wants to tell everyone about it. It is great that people are more interested in health and nutrition, but what we have ended up with is a battle for the "best" in the world of nutrition- and that attitude towards health and nutrition is flawed.

Head over to Twitter and you'll see dozens of examples.

Followers of keto telling fruitarians that their high carb diet will kill them.

Carnivores and vegans arguing about protein sources.

You might think, what's the harm? Well, actually potentially a lot of harm, because none of them are strictly correct or incorrect.

What all of them, and most of us, have forgotten, is that we are impossibly lucky to live in the food climate we live in today.

I'm well aware that food insecurity and health inequality are HUGE issues still, but those of us arguing about whether almond milk is alkaline are not affected by these issues. We are privileged.

We have food in our kitchen, gas for our cookers and access to shops that stock a wide range of safe food products from around the world. In fact, many of us have so much food, we end up throwing some out every week!

How ridiculous is it for us to argue about these nuances of nutrition when others have nothing?

Please recognise your privilege. Instead of getting caught up in food feuds, just be grateful for what you have.

Eat food YOU love and be happy. You don't have to convince the world that the food you eat is the best- if it is for you, great, but it might not be best for everyone!

Watch me rant about it here:

Lots of love,

Little O x

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