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I LOVE snacks!

I always bring snacks with me, in my handbag, in the car, on my desk. That might seem extreme, but for me it works.

That's why today's #JanuaryChallenge is to pack a snack!

Why snacks everywhere?

It means I never get too hungry- extremes of hunger tend to lead to over-eating and discomfort.

Having snacks around when I do get hungry, means I can eat something to keep me going between meals, preventing the irritability (most of the time!!), headache, stomach ache and general HANGRY-NESS.

It also means that if there are no meal or snack options that I like where I am (e.g. at a service stop or in the airport), I have at least got something small to keep me going.

You can read more on travel snacks here!

What to snack on?

So many people come to me saying "I did have a snack, but I was hungry again after a half hour!". When I ask what they had, it is usually an apple or small portion of fruit. Fruit is a great snack, but it isn't very filling alone, nothing really is unless we eat plenty of it!

The best way to plan a snack is like a mini-meal. When we plan a meal, we tend to choose a protein/fat, a carb and a fruit/veggie, and we should do the same with our snacks! Aim to have at least 2 different food groups in each snack. That doesn't mean the portion has to bigger, just more balanced! You can still include foods you like in the snack, but combining them with other foods makes it more substantial- E.G. a chocolate bar, while delicious, is not the best snack by itself, but have a handful of nuts with it and it'll keep you powered for much longer.

Making snacks this way means they will be more filling, nutritious and satisfying.

My favourite snack ideas:

Granola, yogurt and fruit- dried and fresh fruit work well (banana is my favourite!).

Crackers, cheese and tomato.

Hummus with bread sticks/pitta and cucumber slices.

A bun/muffin/slice of Soreen with some berries.

Nuts and dried fruit- cranberries and walnuts are my favourite combo.

An apple or banana with some nut butter.

Guac or mashed avocado on crackers/nachos/toast.

Cheese on toast (add chutney or thinly sliced apple if you're feelin' fancy).

A sandwich- make a half one or small one for an ideal on-the-go snack.

Toast with nut butter and sliced banana.

Olives, cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Smoothie- not the most filling snack in general, but adding yogurt, nut butter and oats gives them real staying power. If you're enjoying at home, pour into a bowl and top with granola, nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

Cookie + glass of milk- really hits the spot sometimes!

An energy ball- find my recipe here.

There are more ideas over on my Instagram highlights -> I save new snack ideas there every week so you can look back over them when you need inspiration.

Happy Snackin'!

Lots of love,

Little O x

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