Advice on Breakfast

Breakfast is the meal I get asked about most frequently, so it is no surprise it is the topic of day 21 of the #JanuaryChallenge!

People aren't sure what to eat or when to eat, so here is my breakfast advice:

Eat breakfast if you're hungry.

Of course you should eat breakfast first thing if you are hungry, but lots of my clients say they aren't hungry first thing in the morning for breakfast. I always tell them that they do not HAVE to eat a meal then if they don't want to. That does NOT mean skipping breakfast! Read more on that here.

Plan a mid-morning meal if breakfast isn't your thing.

For those who don't feel hungry first thing, I recommend planning ahead for a mid-morning meal. Chances are, if you haven't had breakfast, you'll be hungry by 10-11am. So plan for that and have food with you- it can be an awkward time if you are in work/school/university and breakfast is finished but lunch isn't yet available, or perhaps you can't leave your desk to get food etc. Always pack something!

Make breakfast filling.

The problem with just having a bowl of cereal for breakfast isn't how many grams of sugar it has, but rather what it is lacking. Ever had a bowl of cereal in a rush to work, but felt hungry less than an hour later? It is probably because it wasn't a filling meal. You can make cereal part of a more filling and nutritious meal by choosing a wholegrain cereal (for extra fibre), adding berries or sliced banana, adding nut butter, adding nuts or seeds and adding milk or yogurt. As with all meals, make them balanced and filling by having a source of carb (some wholegrain), fat+protein and a fruit/veggie.

Make breakfast fun and varied.

I'm not anti-anything for breakfast. There are certain foods and meals that we deem acceptable "breakfast foods", but try to think outside the box. Anything can be a breakfast food if you want it to be!

I've put some breakfast ideas in the slideshow at the top of the page, flick through for lots of inspiration. And, for lots of oat-based ideas read my Ultimate Porridge Guide.

What is your go-to breakfast? Share it with me!

Lots of love,

Little O x

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