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Joyful Movement

Today we're focusing on movement.

Why movement instead of exercise?

For me, exercise sounds like something I don't want to do, but movement sounds less scary/sweaty/sore.

Anyone with me?

When we say exercise nowadays, it makes us think of crossfit or HIIT or weight lifting, and other intense forms of exercise, which are great if you are in to them, but are absolutely not for everyone.

Exercise sounds prescriptive too, like I have to do X number of laps for it to be "exercise", or that I must do 3 classes a week. And that doesn't always sound fun.

So, joyful movement:

Moving your body in a way that feels good and is enjoyable.

Joyful movement can be HIIT if you love it, but it can also be never doing HIIT because you hate it!

It is all about you- you decide what the movement is and when you want to move.

And that means it is different for everyone!

Here's the challenge- figure out what forms of movement you actually enjoy and make those your priority.

Make a list of all the movement you enjoy, and schedule in some time to move joyfully this week.

I've attached a list of movement ideas that you can use to help- feel free to print the list and either tick things off once you've tried them, or rate the activities out of 10 so you remember which ones you enjoy!

What is your favourite form of movement?

Or what form of movement will you try out?

Lots of love,

Little O x

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