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Self-Care that works

Self care is "on trend" at the moment, but it is something that should be here to stay.

Self care is all about spending some time on yourself, and it can be anything from saying no to plans when you're run down, to sleeping in, going to therapy, getting a massage, having a bath....the list is endless, because self care is different for everyone!

I talk a lot about self care, because it is something we are taught not to do. In our modern world we are taught to be busy all the time and wear our busy-ness as a badge of honour, or measure of our success. But we all need a break. We can't operate on 100% all day everyday. We can't maintain being busy all the time. We need down time too. Needing a break is not selfish or lazy, and wanting to take a break doesn't mean you aren't driven or motivated. It makes you human.

So how can you do self-care?

As I said, self care is different for everyone, but I have a self-care tip that I love to share with clients:

Make yourself a self care toolkit.

Compile things that make you feel good, de-stress you, relax you, make you happy and keep them for your self care time. The toolkit can be a box or bag of physical things, or a list or drawing of things. How the toolkit looks and what is inside is it are completely up to you- be as creative as you like!

Toolkit ideas:

  • Bath bombs/soaps

  • Your favourite DVD/CD

  • A magazine

  • Your favourite book

  • Candles

  • Your favourite chocolates

  • Nail varnish

  • Pens and paper

  • Paints

  • Your running shoes

  • Motivational quotes or affirmations

  • Hot chocolate mix or your favourite tea

  • A board game/pack of cards

  • A colouring book

  • Gardening tools/pots and seeds

  • Your favourite recipe book

  • A podcast

  • Sudoku puzzles/word searches

  • Napping

  • Knitting needles/crochet hooks

Keep your toolbox where you can find it when you need, and make use of it!

Make sure to schedule in time for self-care regularly and choose something from your toolkit to use.

Remember you can add to your toolkit as you go, and swap things in or out as you need.

You could also make a self care toolkit as a present for someone close to you too!

Remember that self care is important, it is not selfish or silly. However you choose to "do" self care is cool, as long as it works for you.

What would you put in your tool kit??

I'll share some of my favourite self care tips and toolkit ideas over on my Insta Stories later today!

And you can read more easy self-care ideas over on my Instagram!

Lots of love,

Little O x

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