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Guide to Goal Setting + 25 Resolution Ideas

Every January we set a new set of goals for the year, but how many of us are still working towards those goals by summer? And how many of us actually achieve what we set out to at the beginning of the year?

Lots of us don't, and that is because we don't set realistic and achievable goals.

That is part of the reason I developed the January Challenge- to provide healthy resolution ideas, but also to help you consider the best goals to set for YOU.

Think back to days 1 and 2, where we reflected on 2018 and thought about what we want from 2019. And this week we thought about who we are and who we want to be.

I put these questions into the challenge to encourage you all to think more deeply about your goals.

Are you goals getting you where you want to be?

Are your goals helping you to grow as a person?

Are you achieving your goals?

What is stopping you from reaching your goals?

Often, we set a goal that sounds good on the surface, but once we achieve it realise it hasn't changed us or made us a new person overnight. Or, we set a goal that is too much all at once, so much so that we have put an impossible task in front of ourselves and never reach it.

I've been using this method for goal setting for a while and I'm finding it very useful. I never used to think about why I didn't achieve my goals, and mostly blamed myself for being lazy/not having willpower, but since I've started properly reflecting I've realised that laziness is not the reason! This way of doing things takes the self-blame out of things and helps you to look at your goals realistically.

So, here's what I propose we all do to set the most appropriate, realistic and achievable goals and resolutions for us:

1. Be clear on what you want & name it-

Maybe a job promotion, maybe to run a marathon, maybe to take up an art or a sport. Know why you want it and be sure what it is. How will achieving the goal get you the life you want or help you to become your best self? If it doesn't, why is it your goal? (there could be a better goal for you!)

Once you are clear on the what and why, write it down!

2. Consider how you will achieve it-

What will you need, who can help you, what steps will you need to take to achieve it?

Make note of these things and consider how you can get anything you need, or how to contact people who could help.

3. Get organised-

Take time to get together the things you need, talk to the people who can help and make time for things that will get you on the road to your goal.

I like to spread these things throughout my week and add them to my diary- if they are written down you are more likely to do them! It is also important to set a time to get things done by, so that we don't drag it out or put it off. You may know when you want to achieve your overall goal by, but consider setting a time limit on your smaller steps towards the goal too.

4.Reflect and evaluate-

It can be so useful to look back and think about what went well, what didn't work and how you could improve in the future. We can learn a lot from what we have already done, but do remember to be compassionate with yourself, and avoid self-criticising. Instead of being critical, focus on how to improve and acknowledge everything you have achieved so far.

It might sound silly to think so much about a goal or resolution, but if it something that is important to you, or something that will help you, isn't it worth it? I think so!

Also, once you get into it, you will automatically tick off the steps in your head as you consider setting new goals.

Now that you have my 4 step guide to goal setting, get to work!

What are you going to achieve in 2019 and how are you going to achieve it???

One of my 2019 goals:

This year I want to run my first race- starting with a 5km Park Run (because I don't love running yet, but want to challenge myself to try a new form of movement!)

Not sure what resolutions to set?? Here are some health-focused, but weight neutral ideas!

2019 resolution ideas:

  1. Try a plant-based dinner once a week.

  2. Take up a new form on joyful movement.

  3. Walk for 10 minutes every day.

  4. Aim to get outdoors everyday.

  5. Try a different fruit or vegetable every week.

  6. Make gratefulness a daily practice.

  7. Join your local library and make a reading list.

  8. Start to learn a new language.

  9. Listen to a podcast every week.

  10. Eat a mindful meal once a day.

  11. Aim to clear out your wardrobe every season/once a year.

  12. Have a "fancy" meal once a week- set the table, light a candle, use the good China and cook something new!

  13. Spend time every week on self-care.

  14. Unfollow every social media account that makes you feel crappy.

  15. Report ads/accounts on social media that promote diet culture/nutribollocks/are triggering.

  16. Plan a social media detox/break every month.

  17. Make a weekly meal plan.

  18. Meal prep your lunches for school/uni/work.

  19. Set a sleep routine.

  20. Keep your bedroom organised & clean.

  21. Get a keep cup and bring your own coffee/tea (& say no to disposable cups-win win!).

  22. Set aside time every week to catch up with a friend/family member.

  23. Get a reusable water bottle and bring it every day.

  24. Start taking a 10mcg vitamin D supplement (from October to end of May).

  25. Spend time figuring out your hunger and fullness using the 10-point scale.

Share your realistic resolutions with me on social!

Lots of love,

Little O x

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