We're quickly approaching peak "beach body" season, and if you think about it this is what diet culture builds up to all year. Diet culture basically tells us to spend 8-10 months of the year dieting, so that we will be "beach body ready" and acceptable for other's viewing pleasure!

Is the "beach body" the most successful diet marketing trickery ever?? Because they have managed to create this "ideal" that all people are expected to live up to if they want to wear a bikini/swimsuit or go to the beach/pool (which is of course BS!). I've been thinking about how this all started and how it managed to get so huge, and I have a feeling Baywatch may be involved! Think about it- there are certain people that we hold up as having the "ultimate bikini bod" and Pamela Anderson 100% mentioned there. She is one of the original beach body goals- she is the "ideal". So, someone saw Baywatch (& other shows/media), and said "hey, I can totally sell something to people who want to look like this and make a tonne of money!".

And now there are sooooo many diet plans/books/shakes/supplements/bookcamps that promise a Baywatch bum or killer abs, or whatever is trendy at the moment- but the effectiveness of these things has to be questioned. All these beach body diets are 100% based on aesthetics, not health, and when that is the case, we HAVE to ask ourselves whether the diet is doing our health a disservice.