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Conscious Living Show Podcast

Listen to my interview with Liz Valoor on her Conscious Living Show on Dublin 102.3 FM!

Liz and I had such a brilliant chat and I truly could have stayed talking to her for the entire afternoon!

We cover so many topics including:

  • an intro to the non-diet approach.

  • not judging folks based on their body.

  • weight & health being multi-factorial issues.

  • the rise of "gluten free" among non-coeliacs.

  • getting pleasure & joy from food- eating is not a sin!

  • the pressure on parents to create "perfect" eaters.

  • the division of responsibility (between parent & child on food).

  • clean plate mentality: how it persists into adulthood & leads to stress.

  • giving children responsibility & allowing them to trust their own bodies.

  • an intro to Intuitive Eating and using it as a tool for better overall health.

Let me know if you listen!

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