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Corona Virus Nutrition Myths

As with any illness or event in our world, there are ALWAYS people claiming their diet or supplement can solve the problem. And COVID-19 is no different unfortunately!


"Vitamin C and zinc will boost your immune system & prevent corona virus."

This myth pops up regularly, because it is true that vitamin C plays a role in our immune systems. However, there is no way to "boost" our immune system, only support its proper functioning. Vitamin C is important for good health, but most of us get plenty through diet, so a supplement is not needed (and we'll end up just wee-ing out most of it!).

"Alkalizing the body is a necessity to eliminate the environment for virus and disease."

Our bodies are amazing at keeping everything in balance, such as our temperature, our hormones and our pH (i.e. whether acidic or alkaline). Our bodies are so clever, that they can even maintain different pHs around the body, for example our stomachs are very acidic.

What has that got to do with the myth? Well, because our bodies tightly control all these things, it is pretty much impossible to change one of them through diet. In fact, if we were to successfully alter the pH of our body we would DIE! There is another problem with the alkalizing theory- if we were to drink or eat something alkaline in the hope of making our entire body alkaline, what happens when it reaches our stomach? It mixes with our very strong stomach acid, and you probably guessed it, becomes acidic itself!

So, not only can you not change your body's pH, eating/drinking only alkaline things will not prevent the virus.

"Viruses thrive in moisture, avoid drinking water or eating high water content fruits such as melon"

I must admit, this one was a new one on me! I think it came from the notion that generally bacteria and mould do thrive in moisture- E.G. if you leave fruit in a plastic bag, they sweat and go mouldy must quicker.

BUT, that is not the same as a virus and the human body!

Our bodies are over 70% water, so to suggest that by avoiding melon we would somehow be less moist and safer from a virus is genuinely madness.

I would actually advise the opposite of this and recommend that we all ensure we are drinking enough water, and a bit of fruit every day sounds great too!

"Only drink warm water and drink it every 20 minutes."

I have seen several variations of this, many claiming to be from doctors on the front line.

While I am certain most doctors would advise that patients drink water regularly, there is no difference due to water temperature and every 20 minutes sounds like rather a lot!

The only truth I could see in the warm water, is that warm drinks can be soothing on a sore throat or chest.

Again, drink water but at whatever temperature you prefer and as frequently as required.

"Celery juice kills off pathogens, including flu viruses."

This is of course from the so-called 'Medical Medium' (who was told by a spirit that drinking celery juice on an empty stomach would cure everything *eye-roll*).

He has even expanded from celery juice, and has recently been promoting cucumber juice against COVID too.

Almost 100% of what this guy says is complete BS. It is all made up, based on what the 'spirits' say, not what science says. Basically, avoid him at all costs and only drink celery juice if you enjoy the taste. It has ZERO special powers.

Rather than ending the blog on a negative note, let's finish with some positives.

Here are some things you can do to look after yourself at this time:

  1. Adhere to government advise on social distancing, hand hygiene and coughing etiquette.

  2. Eat regularly, aiming to have a variety of foods every day.

  3. Drink water every day.

  4. Get plenty of rest.

  5. Take time for yourself, doing whatever makes you happy (even if that is lying in bed doing nothing!).

  6. Try to focus on the positives- spending more time with family/partner/friends, not having to properly get dressed, break from commuting etc (there are positives if you look for them).

  7. Get outside, if it is safe for you to do so. Even just step into your garden for 10 minutes each day and breath in the fresh air.

  8. Move your body if you are up to it- a walk outside, a home workout, a dance in the kitchen, yoga/stretching before bed- even a few minutes can feel great.

  9. Don't put pressure on yourself to do everything- the jobs around the house, the hobbies, the projects. There is no pressure to finish them because you are at home.

  10. Take it day-by-day, and remember that this will pass eventually.

Oh, and if it wasn't obvious, don't trust nutrition and health advice you read on Facebook!

Lots of love,

Little O x

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