Gene Eating: Book Review

Gene Eating: The science of obesity and the truth about diets, is a super interesting first book from Dr Giles Yeo.

Many of you will know Giles from the BBC Horizons documentary Clean Eating-The Dirty Truth and I'm sure lots of you follow him on social media. If you don't, he is a very funny guy, who knows so so much about genetics. And I suppose he should, given that he is a geneticist!

I was quite apprehensive starting this book- I don't know much about genetics (I did have a module in my undergraduate programme on genetics, but that was some time ago and it was my worst grade!) and was a bit worried the book would be a struggle to get to grips with. Reader, if you have the same concern, fear not. You are in truly safe hands with Giles.

He uses hilarious and often very relatable anecdotes to explain things and takes the time to break things down so they are clear, even to genetics newbies.