Is Butter a Carb? Book Review!

When lockdown started I joined a brilliant health & nutrition bookclub, and our first book was Is Butter a Carb? by Rosie Saunt and Helen West.

Rosie & Helen are both UK-based dietitians, who work together on The Rooted Project. The Rooted Project tag line describes what they do as "create evidence-informed nutrition communication". And their book delivers the same!

The book is truly a nutritio bible, with chapters covering all the headline nutrition questions on carbs, fat, sugar, protein and calories, but also chapters focusing on plant-based eating, gut health, allergies & intolerances, weight stigma. Plus, there is a whole chapter on nutrition myths, which is really well done.

Something I particularly enjoyed in the book were the short pieces from other well-known professionals- James Wong, botanist, discusses organic vs non-organic produce, Nicola Ludlam-Raine, dietitian, discusses protein powders, Maeve Hanan, dietitian, talks about coconut oil, Laura Thomas, registered nutritionist, talks about intuitive eating, Anthony Warner, The Angry Chef, talks about wellness culture & nutrition myths and there are even more gems spread throughout the book!

There are lots of other really brilliant features to the book, including a guide on exploring the evidence around nutrition/health claims, a really useful appendix and fabulous illustrations throughout, which really help you to remember the topic and which also bring a bit of humour in places.

Overall, I really found this book to be an enjoyable and informative read. The information Rosie & Helen present is well-balanced, clear and understandable, which is saying a lot because nutrition can be a tricky topic to write about!! Books on health or nutrition can often be a slog to get through, but I genuinely flew threw Is Butter a Carb?.

I had really high hopes for this book, as I love The Rooted Project and the ladies behind it did not let me down. I mean, they even used a Mean Girls reference as the title?!

This book is a 10/10 from me, highly recommend if you are interested in nutrition.

Want to grab a copy for yourself? Click the link below to get a copy from Amazon now!


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