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The Everything You Need to Know Cookbook

I am so excited to tell you all about my new e-cookbook,

The Everything You Need to Know Cookbook!

I developed the cookbook with novice and newbie chefs in mind.

It contains all the basic recipes and advice I think every cook needs to know.

The concept of the book is make it, then upgrade it. Master the basic recipe, then add more!

For example,

make a basic tomato sauce-> upgrade it by turning it into spaghetti bolognese or chili.

make overnight oats-> upgrade it by adding homemade berry compote.

The book contains mostly dinner recipes, plus a few breakfast ideas and some basic baking recipes that can be used for almost every occasion, including basic sponge cake and butter cream icing. All the recipes in the book are dishes I make every week, so are truly tried and tested.

As well as over 40 recipes, I've included some information that should be helpful to new chefs and those living alone for the first time. The opening pages have advice on store cupboard ingredients, grocery shopping and reducing food waste. Throughout the book, you'll find more advice on the basics, such as how to cook fish and carve a chicken!

Basically, it is a must read for all novices!

The cost of the book is €3.99. I've managed to keep costs low by not including photos and by offering it as an e-book. I think e-books are great as you can save to your tablet or phone and check ingredients in the supermarket, but of course you could print this after you purchase.

Get your copy here:

P.S. if you refer a friend, you'll both get 10% off!

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