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The Little O Lifestyle

The Little O Lifestyle is our newest service. It is a nutrition support subscription service, and we are so excited to share it with you!

The Little O Lifestyle is not another lifestyle change, diet plan or workout schedule. Instead of giving you a list of rules or a meal plan, I will be providing educational materials, meal ideas & inspiration to move your body more. The aim isn’t for you to live exactly as I do, but to develop a healthy lifestyle that works for you, with help from me, a registered associate nutritionist!

Usually, a “lifestyle change” involves following a bunch of rules and regulations, and if you do it for a set amount of time, you are promised (or sometimes guaranteed) a specific outcome, E.G. Lose Xlb in 21 days, get abs in 8 weeks etc etc. The problem with all these kinds of programmes is that they are built by a person based on what worked for them- not what will work for you! They also usually don’t provide any education or even explanation why they have certain rules, so it is impossible to understand what will/won’t work for you or what effect it will have on you, your body & your health.

The Little O Lifestyle aims to provide the opposite experience!

There are no rules to follow here (except be kind to one another & yourself!). Instead, every month I provide you with materials to read, journaling prompts to get you thinking and activities to challenge you, with the aim that you can use the pieces that feel right to create your very own perfect lifestyle. Plus, I will be there every step of the way to support you & answer your questions.

What’s included?


Ø Educational article on monthly theme or topic (PDF download)

Ø What’s in season feature (incl. buying, storing, prep & cooking advice, as PDF download)

Ø Monthly challenge

Ø Q&A opportunity


Ø Journaling practice prompts (as word doc you can edit & save or print & hand write)

Ø Affirmation of the week (as png image file, so you can add as your screensaver)

Ø Recipes (PFD download)

PLUS, you will be able to contact me directly and ask as many questions as you would like!

All this content will be available to download directly from the website each month ( Monthly resources will be uploaded on the first Monday of the month and weekly resources every Friday.

If you have any questions, please just let me know- I am here to help!

Sign up now to get your first month free.

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