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Working with Little O Nutrition: How does it work?

So you're interested in working with Little O Nutrition, but aren't sure what it involves?

This blog will answer all your questions and set out what happens when you work with a non-diet nutritionist!

Step 1: Are we a good fit?

I fully accept that my approach is not perfect for everyone!

We will be a good fit to work together if you want to:

  • Stop obsessing about food, weight and appearance.

  • Clear up nutrition myths and learn how to separate fact from fiction.

  • Focus on building a positive relationship with food and yourself, that is free from guilt and restriction.

I do accept clients who don't fall into the above, but may have a specific nutrition inquiry, such as help with childhood nutrition or weaning, but most of my work is implementing the non-diet approach.

Step 2: The initial consultation

Our initial session is our opportunity to get to know each other. I do my best to create a space that is open and non-judgmental, so you don't need to feel intimidated or worried what I might think of you. My job isn't to judge, it is to listen!

You will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire about your relationship with food, and we explore your current diet and lifestyle. This includes your movement, work-life, sleep and anything else that is important to you. Ultimately, we work together to figure out what is holding you back right now, and how I can help you overcome whatever it is.

At the end of the session, I go through what I think are the key areas to work on and present a few ideas. You always have the final say in how we move forward, but I will give as much help as possible.

Step 3: The Toolkit

After our session, I go away and put together a client information pack. The pack contains all the pieces of advice we discussed in the session, plus anything else I think will help you on your journey. That can include websites, books, podcasts, recipes, activities or resources.

I always aim to get the pack to you within 2 days of our session so you can dive in straight away!

Step 4: Follow up

Follow up sessions are our chance to catch up, find out what is going well and what still needs work. In follow up sessions we generally focus on your relationship with food and mindset around food, nutrition and health. This means we talk more in depth and work on exercises and strategies to build a more positive relationship with food and ourselves. I often give "homework", such as reading an article or doing some journaling activities between sessions, and continue to provide additional information when appropriate.

Step 5: Continuation

This step depends on you and where you are on your journey to building that positive relationship with food and your body. For most clients, I recommend continuing sessions for between 2 and 6 months, but for some people it will take longer.

Continuation includes more follow up sessions, but can also involve text or email support.

If you still aren't sure, or have any further questions about working with me, please book in for a discovery call. These are 15 minutes calls, where we can answer any of your questions and help you to figure out how we can help. You can book in here!

If you are ready to work with Little O Nutrition, you can book your initial consultation here or choose one of our plans here.

And since you managed to read to the end, here's a treat- use the code BLOG for 15% off any of my nutrition services or plans!

Lots of love,

Little O x

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